About Us

My name is Howard Alanzo Brown. I am Jamaican by birth and grew up idolizing both of my parents who are master bakers back home. Starting at an early age, I spent countless hours in the kitchen learning firsthand traditional Caribbean techniques and recipes.

My passion for all things baking grew with age and for years I worked as a professional baker for the best vegan and gluten-free commercial bakeries in the Tri-State area. Now I’m the proud owner of The Baking Room where I bring my unique flavors and recipes to everyone in New York City. 

About Us
Cake & Pastries


Our special menu of cakes and pastries is made from the fresh and best quality of ingredients. Produced out of a commercial kitchen in Fairview, New Jersey. Vegan and gluten-free friendly.

These scratch ingredients are converted into the best cakes and pastries that not only look beautiful but also taste delicious.